The Life Skills for Life Trust programme takes place in a forestry setting Monday to Thursday, teaching the young person important skills to become work ready. It also gives the opportunity for Youth Workers to provide mentoring in a relaxed (outdoor) environment and also during the drive to and from their work location.

Our Career Programme enables our clients to develop a career profile to identify a career path, set goals and be supported towards achieving their identified goals.  This is an extension of the practical work skills each young person learns whilst in the forest.  Each client will create a CV, open a bank account, obtain their IRD number and learn job seeking skills and interview techniques.

Clients also participate in classroom provider sessions each Friday, where they will take part in the following programmes:

  • Budgeting Advisory Service – to develop personal awareness and increase knowledge about budgeting, an essential life skill.  Each young person will learn about budgeting, money management and planning, which will teach them to make informed choices around all aspects of money.
  • Gym (Health and Wellbeing) – these sessions increase knowledge about their overall personal health and fitness and the importance of taking care of their body.
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselling – Te Utuhina Manaakitanga Trust provide 1:1 or group counselling to all LSFLT clients.

Our clients also have access to the following service providers:

  • Health Services (Health and Wellbeing) – Provided by Ngati Pikiao Health Services for medical (nurse/doctor) check ups; Dental Services (check ups, dental work) are made available to our clients also (these are optional)
  • Driver Licencing for clients 16 years and over – LSFLT engages the services of a fully qualified driving instructor/tutor, who delivers a three day driver learner licence programme to our clients.  They will take part in theory (Road Code book) and quizzes in preparation for sitting their learner licence test.  This programme will motivate and help our young people to become safe drivers and to set goals and maintain the integrity of self empowerment.
  • Forklift Driving Courses – these are made available as courses arise