Life Skills for Life Trust is a Forestry based pre-employment Supervision with Activity (SWA) Order Programme.  Our mission statement is to ‘To reduce re-offending by males aged 15-17’.  Our ultimate goal is to support each young person into employment.

Our services are built around mentoring young men through participation in forestry work and related work activities, as well as providing education around practical life skills such as – Career planning, Budgeting advice, Health and Wellbeing sessions including Medical and Dental check-ups, Drug and Alcohol counselling, participation in a three day Learner driver licence course and other employment skills related courses (eg, Forklift Driver licence).

Clients are are then given the skills to re-enter the community, gain meaningful employment and become a contributing member of society.

To find out more about our Programme and what it has to offer, see our ‘Services’ and ‘Contact’ pages to make further enquiries.